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Established in memory of the acclaimed Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Danish Siddiqui, the foundation is dedicated to advancing value-based journalism. Through diverse programs and initiatives tailored for students, professionals, and freelancers, our aim is to promote and propagate the essence of ethical and impactful journalism.

“To be a photojournalist, you always see everything from the very first row. And it's an honor. An honor because you carry a lot of responsibility of people who can't be there and you're their eyes and sometimes ears. What I hope a photograph can do is to let people see their loved ones in place of the person in the photograph. I see myself as a connection between my subjects and my audience who I think can standup and make a change for the good"


Value-based Journalism

The Danish Siddiqui Foundation is dedicated to advancing value-based journalism and cultivating an informed, engaged, and socially aware society


Maintain the highest standards of journalism ethics and be firm in moral principles while reporting.


Be sensitive, compassionate, & maintain the highest standards of professional journalism.


Display moral, ethical, or physical courage and determination despite facing intimidation.


Deliver truth and report objectively and accurately without any bias.

What Leading Journalists Say

Our Focus Areas


Journalism Education Programs Supported by Scholarships & Grants


High Risk Assessment, Safety Guidelines & Hostile Environment Trainings


Dedicated Platform to Train & Develop Skills for NextGen Photojournalists


Thought leadership with applied knowledge & financial support

Journalism Scholarships

An Immersive Scholarship Program provides students with a comprehensive learning environment outside the classroom while taking care of the financial barriers to education for an all-round development.

Rising Reporters Project

Empowering young student journalists to address vital issues across diverse topics, making a substantial contribution to the field through their impactful storytelling, and creating positive change in journalism

Journalist Safety Workshops

Ensuring the safety of frontline journalists is crucial in high-risk areas. Specialized training is essential to navigate unique threats and challenges that journalists face in conflict zones

Delhi Photo Contest

Designed to showcase the power of images in storytelling. This contest aims to encourage aspiring photojournalists to capture compelling stories that ignite conversations through their photographs. 

Danish Siddiqui Freedom Award Winners

Prof. Rekha

Social Activist

Mr. Ajit

Senior Journalist

Mr. Adnan


Dr. Ram

Social Activist

Ms. Ananya


Mr. Atul



Are you interested in Journalism ?

Are you curious about the world around you, have a sense of humor, and be willing to learn? Do you have a passion for going out in the world to find stories that will educate, inform, uncover, expose and trigger people's interests and emotions? Apply for the Danish Siddiqui Journalism Scholarship Program.

Scholarship Winners 2023

Udisha Shrivastav

I am thrilled that I have been awarded the Danish Siddiqui Journalism Scholarship, and I feel incredibly honored. I am looking forward to working on my project idea under this year’s theme, ‘Journalist Safety,’ and adding value to the community.

Rahat Touhid

I am delighted to have been selected for the prestigious scholarship. I am hopeful of contributing positively towards ensuring a safe working environment for journalists. The path for brave reportage has been boldly paved by Danish Siddiqui, it is an opportunity to be selected here, to take the fight and the legacy ahead.

Umaima Khanam

As a passionate young woman with a clear vision for the future of journalism, I have embarked on a path that would allow me to use the power of mass media to tell compelling stories & make a positive impact on the world. Receiving the scholarship has not only financially backed me but also felt like a recognition & appreciation of my work.

Aman Jaiswal

I believe this scholarship will act as a driving force, adding a new feather of journalistic skills to my cap and helping me to serve society through my words, voice, and writings. While at the same time allowing me to realize a career in fact & data-based journalism.


For me, this scholarship is a beautiful start toward my dream of being a photojournalist or a filmmaker who tells stories of love, hope, and resistance. I want to use the power of visual storytelling to shed light on the stories that are often left untold, and to capture the beauty in the world around us

News & Views


Killed By The Taliban​

Indian Photojournalist Danish Siddiqui's Death During His Coverage Of The Taliban War In Afghanistan Is Shrouded In Mystery. As His Family Seeks Crucial Answers, News9 Plus Carries Out This Eye-Opening Investigation.

Episode 1

Family and journalists reveal chilling details about the brutal murder of Danish Siddiqui

Episode 2

New9 Plus digs deeper into the circumstances leading to Danish Siddiqui's death on the frontline