Empowering the next generation of journalists

Welcome to our foundation’s showcase of journalism projects by students. We are thrilled to present a collection of works that demonstrate the passion, dedication, and creativity of young journalists across different parts of India.

At a time when the role of journalism is more crucial than ever, it’s inspiring to see these young journalists taking on important issues and telling stories that matter. Their work covers a wide range of topics, from social justice and human rights to environmental issues and local events.

Through their reporting, these students demonstrate not only their skills in writing, researching, and interviewing, but also their ability to bring attention to important issues and inspire change. They are the next generation of journalists, and we are honored to support their work and showcase their talents.

We hope that this showcase will not only provide a platform for these young journalists to share their stories but also inspire others to pursue journalism as a means of creating positive change in their communities and beyond.

Disclaimer:  The journalism projects showcased are the independent work of the students who created them. The foundation has provided a platform to showcase their work but does not have any control over the content, opinions, or views expressed in these projects. The ideas and opinions expressed in these works are solely those of the students and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the foundation.

Beyond the Bylines: Documenting Journalists' Safety

by Rahat Touhid

In “Beyond the Bylines: Documenting Journalists’ Safety,” Rahat Touhid presents a powerful documentary featuring interviews with journalists from around the globe. Through compelling narratives and firsthand accounts, this documentary explores the challenges journalists face, the gaps in safety measures, and potential solutions to ensure their protection. Join us as Rahat Touhid unveils the untold stories behind the headlines, highlighting the urgent need to prioritize journalist safety in today’s volatile media landscape. Don’t miss this eye-opening journey into the realities of journalism and the quest for a safer future for those who bring us the news.

Navigating Challenges in India’s Media Landscape : A Study of Press Freedom and Journalist Safety

by Udisha Shrivastav

India’s rapid economic growth and technological advancements have propelled it onto the global stage. However, the country’s media industry grapples with many challenges alongside these developments.

This paper delves into the complexities of India’s media landscape, with a focus on press freedom and journalist safety. Utilizing KnightLab’s StoryMapJS, interactive map-based stories are analyzed to explore the diverse challenges faced by journalists, including financial, physical, digital, and psychological safety concerns. By examining detailed incident timelines for journalists Devendra Khare, Ismat Ara, and Navin Kumar, this paper provides valuable insights into media freedom’s evolving dynamics and the threats journalists and media organizations encounter in India.

Awaaz Podcast Series: Journalist Safety A Start

by Aman Jaiswal

A photojournalist is like a Warrior in the field with only the weapon of a Camera, which speaks through its pictures and catches the ears and eyes of people. Under AWAAZ Podcast, 5 Episodes will be covered in Hindi language Loktantra ka Chautha sthambh, Patrakar ki nigah se, Tasvir e Hindustan, Suchna, Sewa aur Suraksha, Zra Yaad Karo unko  and Shauk, samarpan aur samvidhan. Through this project, I and many students striving to become journalists and want to be telecasted on the screen will learn about behind-the-scenes reality. The life of journalists serving the nation through News, Information, Photo, and Sting operations.The facilities and respect they get at work and after leaving behind their story, photo, and family forever. The harsh reality, which many of us never read or don’t want to know, will be unfolded so that the darkness behind the camera struggle behind the story can be felt.

Resilient Reporters: Chronicles of Women Journalists Safety in India

by Umaima Khanam

The documentary explores two main themes: how fear is perpetuated as women reporters do their work, and the provision (or lack thereof) of safety measures by Indian organizations. It features conversations with women journalists, especially those from marginalized backgrounds, and follows their current stories to understand their experiences. Despite journalism being a popular career choice, the state of journalism in India ranks poorly on the World Press Freedom Index, leaving aspiring women journalists uncertain about their future. Through these narratives, the documentary sheds light on the challenges faced by women journalists in India and their implications for press freedom and journalistic integrity.