Through Lenses We Speak: Stories Unveiled

Welcome to the Danish Siddiqui Foundation’s Photo Exhibitions & Workshops, where we showcase the captivating work of talented photographers from around the world. Through these exhibitions and workshops, we aim to celebrate the power of visual storytelling and provide a platform for photographers to share their unique perspectives on pressing global issues, societal challenges, and human experiences.

Rethinking Migration: Azadi to Co-Exist

The Azadi Project & Rethinking Refugees

An evocative photo exhibition capturing the human stories behind forced migration, inspiring empathy and understanding.

Visual Storytelling Workshop by Dinesh Krishnan The Hindu DANISH SIDDIQUI FOUNDATION

Art of Visual Storytelling

By Dinesh Krishnan, Visuals Editor, The Hindu

Equip participants with the essential skills and insights necessary for success in the competitive field of photojournalism.

A World At War

Jindal School of Journalism & Communications

From the desolate landscapes of war-torn regions to the resilient faces of those affected, each photograph tells a story that transcends borders and speaks to the universal human experience.

Curator Note

A World At War

By Aliefya Vahanvaty

No human activity evokes a more profound emotional response than warfare. Homer’s Iliad, Goya’s The Horrors of War, and Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem are among the finest works of art inspired by our ostensibly innate urge to destroy one another. Because it positions societies and individuals in the most dire of circumstances, war provokes the most extreme responses—both positive and negative. It is no wonder that photography has kept company with death ever since cameras were invented in 1839.

Our curatorial mission here was not merely to chronicle conflicts around the world. It was to illuminate the social and political complexities of the human condition during war and its aftermath. The meanings of photographs are never fixed, are not contained solely within the photographs themselves, and rely on a combination of the viewer’s sensitivity, knowledge, and understanding and the specific context in which the image is seen. We have juxtaposed the photographs with poems and quotes to lend further texture to the images. The images are part of an ongoing conversation, not just with the past but also with the future.

The exhibition focuses on the work of twelve international photographers who have dedicated their careers as journalists, documentarians, and artists to depicting the consequences of armed conflict: Amnon Gutman (Ukraine War), Altaf Qadri (Kashmir), Asma Waguih (Arab Spring), Claire Thomas (Palestine), Prashanth Vishwanathan (Mumbai 26/11), Rafiq Maqbool (Afghanistan), and Saumya Khandelwal (Delhi Riots). This exhibition also includes a selection of images from Danish Siddiqui’s collection, and together, these images represent conflicts both past and present that highlight the intersections of modern warfare and photojournalism.

Each day, photojournalists across the world  risk their lives, mental health, and well-being to offer snapshots of humanity’s darkest moments and also, perhaps, its most humane and hopeful ones. As you make your way through the exhibition, which follows no particular order, we ask you to pause, ponder, and walk in the shoes of people in the frame, those not in the frame, and especially those taking the picture.

Exhibiting Work Of


Danish Siddiqui Tribute

Late Danish Siddiqui

aarti kumar rao

Ararti Kumar Rao

Aasma Waguih

Asmaa Waguih

Amnon Gutman

Amnon Gutman

Altaf-Qadri 1

Altaf Qadri

Azimul Hasson

Claire Thomas

Claire Thomas

Din Muhammad Shibly

Dil Kayas

David Weston

profile pic

Kaynat Salmani

profile pic

Omar Khair

Prashanth Viswanathan

Prashanth Vishwanathan

Rafiq Maqbool

Rafiq Maqbool

Ranita Roy

Saumya Khandelwal

Saumya Khandelwal

Sujata Setia

Sujata Setia