Capturing the Legacy, Inspiring the Future

In tribute to the enduring legacy of Danish Siddiqui, a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist renowned for his compelling visual storytelling, the Danish Siddiqui Foundation carries forth his spirit. We remain dedicated to nurturing the future of photojournalism, inspired by his remarkable contributions to the world.

“To be a photojournalist, you always see everything from the very first row. And it's an honor. An honor because you carry a lot of responsibility of people who can't be there and you're their eyes and sometimes ears. What I hope a photograph can do is to let people see their loved ones in place of the person in the photograph. I see myself as a connection between my subjects and my audience who I think can standup and make a change for the good"

photo contests

Celebrating Photographic Excellence

Step into the world of photojournalism with the Danish Siddiqui Foundation’s prestigious photo contests. Our contests are designed to celebrate exceptional photography, providing a platform for photographers to showcase their talent, creativity, and storytelling abilities. Join us in honoring the legacy of Danish Siddiqui and his dedication to visual storytelling by participating in our contests. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring photographer, our contests offer a unique opportunity to make your mark in the world of photojournalism.

Why Participate



Gain well-deserved recognition for your photographic skills and the stories you bring to life through your lens.



Be inspired by the work of fellow photographers and their diverse perspectives.



Your photographs have the potential to raise awareness, inspire empathy, and drive meaningful change in the world.


Inspiring Change Through Visual Storytelling



In the professional category of our photo contest, we invite seasoned photographers to showcase their expertise, creativity, and unique perspective through their images. This category is tailored for professionals who have honed their skills over years of experience and are ready to push the boundaries of visual storytelling. Whether capturing moments of raw emotion, depicting complex narratives, or revealing the beauty of the world in unexpected ways, professional photographers in this category have the opportunity to shine and inspire others with their exceptional talent.



In the freelance category of our photo contest, we welcome photographers who work independently or freelance to submit their captivating images. This category is designed for individuals who are passionate about photography and have the flexibility to pursue their creative vision on their own terms. Whether you’re exploring new techniques, documenting unique stories, or capturing the essence of a moment, this category celebrates the freedom and creativity of freelance photographers.



The student category of our photo contest is a platform for aspiring photographers who are currently enrolled in educational institutions. Whether you’re studying photography as part of your curriculum or pursuing it as a hobby, this category is open to all students who have a passion for visual storytelling. It’s an opportunity to showcase your creativity, perspective, and talent to a wider audience. Participating in this category allows students to gain exposure, receive valuable feedback, and kickstart their journey in the world of photography.

Portraits of A Nation 2024 Winners

  • Anaranya Basu 1st Prize
  • Pradiptamoy Paul 2nd Prize
  • Vivek Sagar 3rd Prize
  • Adithya Aravind Special Mention
  • Soumayan Biswas Special Mention
  • Kumar Vishnukant Special Mention
  • Rushal Anap Special Mention
  • Ishika Das Special Mention
  • Nida Fatima Special Mention