Committed to improving journalist safety

Working together to improve the physical security and online safety of journalists while on reporting assignments

journalist safety

The world is seeing an uptick in regional wars, civil unrest movements, demonstrations, hostile political environment, and growing distrust of the media, putting journalists at a much higher risk while reporting than ever before. In this ever-changing, complex world, journalists face constant challenges that risk their physical and online safety while on reporting assignments. 

Our journalist safety programs help journalists stay safe while covering a wide range of risky situations by teaching them how to prepare for and react to threats against their physical and online safety while on reporting assignments.

We believe that active collaborative teamwork is essential for the success of these journalist safety programs. Therefore, we work with news and media industry stakeholders to create practical, informative programs to maximize the learning experience for all participants.

We are focussing on

Scenario Mapping

Scenario-based trainings with experiential learning to equip journalists with practical knowledge

Risk Assessment

Evaluating threats, assessing risks with mitigation planning to safely report while on assignments

Emergency First Aid

Emergency first aid response to unforeseen events while reporting from high-risk situations


Get started with free resources on journalism safety

A comprehensive collection of free online resources published by renowned organizations on journalist safety covering high-risk assignments, online safety, emergency medical aid, and mental health.

“Without journalists able to do their jobs in safety, we face the prospect of a world of confusion and disinformation”