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Founded in honor of the renowned Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, Danish Siddiqui, our foundation is deeply committed to advancing the principles of value-based journalism. With a focus on fostering ethical and impactful reporting, we offer a range of tailored programs and initiatives designed to inspire and empower aspiring journalists, seasoned professionals, and freelance contributors alike.

“To be a photojournalist, you always see everything from the very first row. And it's an honor. An honor because you carry a lot of responsibility of people who can't be there and you're their eyes and sometimes ears. What I hope a photograph can do is to let people see their loved ones in place of the person in the photograph. I see myself as a connection between my subjects and my audience who I think can standup and make a change for the good"


Value-based Journalism

The Danish Siddiqui Foundation is committed to fostering value-based journalism to cultivate an informed, engaged, and socially conscious society. Through our initiatives and programs, we strive to uphold journalistic integrity, promote ethical reporting practices, and empower media professionals to make a meaningful impact on society.


Maintain the highest standards of journalism ethics and be firm in moral principles while reporting.


Be sensitive, compassionate, & maintain the highest standards of professional journalism.


Display moral, ethical, or physical courage and determination despite facing intimidation.


Deliver truth and report objectively and accurately without any bias.

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Empowering ethical journalism through education, resources, and recognition. Shaping tomorrow’s narratives with integrity and impact.

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Killed By The Taliban​

Indian Photojournalist Danish Siddiqui's Death During His Coverage Of The Taliban War In Afghanistan Is Shrouded In Mystery. As His Family Seeks Crucial Answers, News9 Plus Carries Out This Eye-Opening Investigation.

Episode 1

Family and journalists reveal chilling details about the brutal murder of Danish Siddiqui

Episode 2

New9 Plus digs deeper into the circumstances leading to Danish Siddiqui's death on the frontline