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Overseas Press Club (OPC) of America Renames Its Feature Photography Award to Honor Danish Siddiqui

The Overseas Press Club of America (OPC) has recently approved significant modifications to its esteemed awards, marking an evolution in its 84-year-old tradition.

These changes aim to broaden the spectrum of journalists acknowledged for their exceptional international news coverage. Among the adjustments is adding a new category dedicated to honoring consistent coverage of conflicts globally.

One of the important changes is the renaming of the award for feature photography on an international theme to honor the memory and exceptional work of Danish Siddiqui. An esteemed Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist associated with Reuters, Danish Siddiqui earned acclaim as an outstanding photojournalist renowned for his impactful imagery from India, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. Tragically, Siddiqui lost his life in July 2021 while courageously covering the Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan.

Siddiqui and three esteemed colleagues received the prestigious 2022 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography for their powerful imagery depicting the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. The judges praised their work for its ability to delicately balance intimacy and devastation, offering viewers a profound sense of the affected regions. Additionally, Siddiqui was previously honored with the Overseas Press Club’s 2017 Olivier Rebbot Award for photographic news reporting, recognizing his poignant images documenting the plight of Rohingya refugees escaping violence in Myanmar.

The Overseas Press Club of America, known for acknowledging journalistic excellence, pays tribute to Danish Siddiqui by memorializing his legacy through this esteemed award, thus honoring his unparalleled dedication to visual storytelling and his unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of global issues through his lens.